The Life Of A Graduated Advertising Student


Hi Theresa!

What a surprise to run into you at the grocery store!

 I can’t believe it’s already been five years that I’ve graduated from the Advertising program. I actually just graduated from Ottawa University in Communications. I felt as though I was so young and not ready to start a career at the age of 20, so I decided to continue my education in University.

At the moment I am actually unemployed because I have won the big lottery. I won 75 million dollars, so I decided to take a break from all the hard work I had put in school and I am travelling with my boyfriend and family. I really wanted to explore the world while I can. I love seeing all the different cultures in the different countries. My travelling has also allowed me to see firsthand the different types of advertising and trends there are in different countries.

I actually just bought a mini condo in Bora Bora. That place is beautiful. Here is a picture of my place.

 I am trying to be smart with the money I’ve won but clearly I have gone a little bit crazy. My boyfriend and I are planning on getting married soon and I hope to be happily married with children. I just made an appointment at Kleinfeld actually in New York City to pick out a dress.

I just realized you’ve been listening to me bragging about how good my life is for the past 10 minutes. Let me pay for you groceries. It was a pleasure to running into you. I hope everything is going well. Take care!


Engage, Enable, Inspire, Influence : Social Media


I would love to think that Social Media marketing only has advantages because it is used by billions of people in the world and how could it ever go wrong, there are some disadvantages. There is good and bad to everything. It’s hard to think that there are disadvantages of marketing and advertising through social media since there is such a high population on social networking sites. It shouldn’t be a problem to reach us right? There is around 50 million people currently using Facebook, 5 million on LinkedIn, 4.5 million on Twitter. Shall I continue? I think you got the point. Even though there is such a high population of us using these popular social networking sites, there are some disadvantages. Some disadvantages would include that social media marketing/advertising is more time consuming than they expect. For example: creating a twitter account and frequently tweeting is an ongoing project and requires maintenance and time rather than creating a print ad and featuring it in your local newspaper. Another disadvantage is choosing the right social media platform for your company. Some companies may use some social networking sites, and none of their target audience is actually visiting these sites. Some social network marketing/advertising may be not be effective for their brand. Measuring the success of your brand through social networking sites is also a disadvantage. Facebook and Twitter are a pretty easy site to measure the success by looking at how many followers you have or “likes” however some social media sites doesn’t offer similar measurability therefore it becomes difficult for brands to measure whether social media was effective or not.  Lastly, marketers should not be using social media if they have no idea how to use it. Plain and simple.

“Technological innovations should be understood, not in terms of their content, but in terms of how they change society”

-Marshall McLuhan

Hockey being one of the most favoured sport in Canada, Pepsi did a good job insulting Canadians.

Pepsi created a social media campaign called “Pepsi Cheer”. Pepsi’s Social media strategy was to include a Facebook page, Twitter page and promote this strategy on their website. Pepsi created a contest to create a Cheer for Hockey Canada and the 2010 IIHF Men’s Hockey Championship in Germany. Pepsi was going to have the winning cheer promoted on Social Media, television and radio. They wanted the fans to use the cheer during the game. Many Canadian’s were insulted because they felt like there was nothing wrong with the original cheer Canadians used during hockey. Hockey is very patriotic to people, therefore Pepsi got a lot of negative feedback towards this contest. Pepsi forgot that people are able to start conversations. It’s a social platform. DUH! Pepsi got so many negative feedbacks people were writing “Pepsi, I don’t need your damn cheer”, Eh! Oh! Canada Go! This chant is a national embarrassment”.  Most of the feedback Pepsi received was negative.

Link to “Pepsi Cheer” Article

I completely agree with this article. I feel as though Pepsi should not of even made a contest for something that Canadians feel so strongly about. The amount of contest ideas Pepsi could have came up with are endless. Creating a new chant is nothing exciting and as we can see, it led to failure. I believe that Pepsi could have just simply made a Hockey game on their Facebook page and could have had some exciting incentive for people to play. I was never a huge fan of Pepsi to begin with anyway. Coca Cola all the way baby!

Another example of Social Media gone wrong is the restaurant we all know as Denny’s. First off when I think of Denny’s my thoughts aren’t too positive. Their food sucks, so is there social media strategy. Denny’s decided to print thousands of new menu’s and were distributed to over 15,000 restaurants. Denny’s decided to put there twitter link at the bottom of their menu and wrote “Join the conversation” without realizing that their twitter link was actually owned by a little boy named Denny. Poor boy!

I don’t understand how such a large company can make such a big mistake. So what did Denny’s learn? Test your idea before printing it 15,000 times. I think that goes for their food too… Oops did I say that?

No Monkey-ing Around with Marketers. Guerilla Marketing


Guerilla Marketing grabs the consumer’s attention unexpectedly and makes a lasting impression. This type of marketing is really desired among consumers and marketers. Marketers are trying to find new and innovative ways to creatively execute their ads. When creating guerilla advertisements, the possibilities are endless. Marketers can use traditional techniques in unexpected ways. We are so used to seeing old, boring ads, Guerilla Marketing has become a really fun and innovative way to grab the consumers attention. By being cleaver and unpredictable, you can test consumers who enjoy fun in the products they purchase.

Get in our head.

Guerilla Marketing has numerous advantages. Less money spent is guerilla marketing vs. traditional advertising such as television campaign etc. Many times guerilla marketing is a one-time event, it can be spread by word of mouth, videos or image sharing. Another advantage of Guerilla marketing is that the message is always very easy to understand; therefore it is much easier for the consumer to recognize the brand and the message.  Below are some great Guerilla Advertising examples I found. These four ads were my top four when doing some research on good Guerilla Advertising.

I am not a fan of coffee! I found this funny and clever. I would definetely want to put my trash in that bin.

Beau Rivage Resort Ad in Baggage Pickup at the Airport. I absolutely love this ad. I think it was perfectly executed and I find it very fun and creative! I almost thought there was someone swimming in there.


There are some disadvantages of Guerilla Marketing. Some ideas can be great however; using the same idea every single time does not give the consumer a positive lasting impression. It becomes old.  Guerilla Marketing can also be poorly executed if the message is too shocking for the consumer. Below is an example I found for Amnesty International. It was advertised in public lockers. The message is showing consumers to put an end in injustice. I thought it was creative for this type of message; however I find it shocking and quite sad. I also had no idea what it was for until reading the description of this ad. Some people may disagree.

I would really like to see more of this type of marketing in Ottawa. As a very conservative city, we do not have much buzz to talk about. I feel as though this type of marketing will create excitment in this boring city. I have personally never seen Guerilla Marketing in Ottawa. I would of really like to see this type of marketing used for the NHL All-Star games. There were so many tourists visiting our city, it would of been nice to see some exciting things to promote this event. When i was researching some Guerilla Marketing in Ottawa, I did not find much. Most of the ones I found were pretty dull and boring. Here is an example of Ottawa Tourism on the OC Transpo.

An OC Transpo Orion VI bus with a full-body ad for an Ottawa Tourism website.

It’s really difficult to predict how Guerilla Marketing will evolve. This type of marketing is really effective in my opinion. I would really enjoy seing more of it as it has become a source of entertainment. I hope Guerilla Marketing will not only evolve with creativity and the technology advancement, but I would like it to grow throughout more cities like Ottawa. Small cities would definetely appreciate this!

Advertisers Breaking Into Our World


Advertisers are breaking into our world adding many innovative ways to keep us engaged into their brand. As a blackberry user, I use quite a few apps a day, not including Facebook, Twitter etc. Apps have become such a big part of my life because of its convenience. Advertisers are really understanding the consumers and acknowledging that cell phones are a huge part of people’s life. Some of the apps I use is “Rogers My Account”. This app allows me to track my data usage. I am able to see how many daytime minutes I have left for the month, megabytes for Internet usage and allow me to see my monthly bill total. I really like this app because as a student I don’t have much disposable income; therefore I know when I am at my limit for the month. Another app I enjoy is “Gas Buddy”. You can track all the nearest gas stations and view which one has the better price.

 One app I would really like to see develop is the Blackboard app for Algonquin College. As a student that attends this college, I feel as though they could really build on this app and help students. Without Wi-Fi it’s nearly impossible to log on which is already frustrating. I think Algonquin College could have a class locator. The college is growing and classes are not always the easiest to find. I feel as though new students could really benefit from this. Another idea Algonquin College could build on their app is cafeteria specials, and fitness class schedules.

 When it comes to missed opportunities, restaurant is the first thing that comes to mind. I would love to view your favorite restaurants menu and be able to order take-out. I am a really big fan of sushi. I always go to the same sushi restaurant near my home and absolutely none of the workers are able to speak English. It makes it difficult to order and to understand. I would really like to see more restaurant apps.  

 A lot of brands are starting to make really engaging apps that are more geared towards iPhone. As a blackberry user, it is becoming quite frustrating. My best friend has an iPhone and she has so many more engaging apps compared to blackberry. I think that’s another part of a missed opportunity a lot brands aren’t acknowledging because there is an extremely high percentage of blackberry users and we are missing out on these apps.

 There are a few local brands that have created apps to better reach their audience. The one that comes to mind is the radio station Hot 89.9. The app allows people to view the contests, events and live listening. As a huge fan of Hot 89.9 I really like this app and I feel like they did a great job on engaging their audience and providing listeners with the Hot 89.9 experience. A few other local brands using brand utilities is also Place d’Orleans shopping center.

 I really feel as though apps are the best brand utility used at the moment. 19 million people now spend an average of 22 minutes every day accessing social networks, playing social games on iPhone, Blackberry, iPad. That’s a lot! So many people have phones where you are able to download apps. We are just starting to see brands using brand utilities like apps to deepen their brand image and experience. Apps are such a good way to reach their audience and we will definitely be seeing more and more apps in the future.

I found this article searching the internet to learn more about app usage and I came across this. Super interesting.

Is Social Networking Changing The Media Landscape?


Learning about peoples psychographics is becoming much more popular in creating great advertisements. As Johanna Blakley mentions, it is really easy to lie about your age on social media websites. If marketers are relying on social media users demographic information, they might be getting all the wrong information and actually be losing money on advertising. The psychographics of one person  give marketers much more insight on their behaviour, habits, hobbies and much more. There is a choice of putting your age on social media sites. If you’re going to lie about your age just dont put your age at all. Right? Afterall people are much more interested to learn about your own interest and hobbies then your age. Age is just a number. I think learning more about psychographics of a person will change the way companies do business. Many social media users don’t even pay attention to the ads that surround your page. Why? because it most likely doesn’t interest them.

Johanna Blakley mentions that social media websites are dominant by woman, therefore that is the best place to reach these woman and gather information about their psychographic. I think much more dollars will be spent by doing research on the woman to better their advertisements. For men, social media websites are just as important to gather key consumer insight even though they don’t spend as much time on social media websites. Woman and men do not necessarily log on to the same sites for entertainment, socializing or blogging. As for Facebook and Twitter, those two websites are male and female oriented in my opinion. Twitter and Facebook is my top two social networking sites, and I could probably say the same for some guys I know. As for Tumblr and pinterest, they are more female oriented, which make it easy for marketers to search for information a lot easier. There are so many bad ads out there, I feel as though the future of advertising will definitely improve by searching more psychographic information. Who knows what the future of advertising holds. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr make it easy for marketers to gather key information for effective advertising, therefore there is no excuse for bad ads.

As much as I am saying psychographic is more important then demographic, age and gender definetely still plays a huge role in advertising and collecting information. I just think companies are going to start doing buisness differently by researching peoples habits, hobbies and behaviour much more than age and gender and by that we will be seeing much more advertisements for products and services that we are interested in.

So, marketers start creeping!

Heres a link of Johanna Blakley speaking out on social media.

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