Is Social Networking Changing The Media Landscape?


Learning about peoples psychographics is becoming much more popular in creating great advertisements. As Johanna Blakley mentions, it is really easy to lie about your age on social media websites. If marketers are relying on social media users demographic information, they might be getting all the wrong information and actually be losing money on advertising. The psychographics of one person  give marketers much more insight on their behaviour, habits, hobbies and much more. There is a choice of putting your age on social media sites. If you’re going to lie about your age just dont put your age at all. Right? Afterall people are much more interested to learn about your own interest and hobbies then your age. Age is just a number. I think learning more about psychographics of a person will change the way companies do business. Many social media users don’t even pay attention to the ads that surround your page. Why? because it most likely doesn’t interest them.

Johanna Blakley mentions that social media websites are dominant by woman, therefore that is the best place to reach these woman and gather information about their psychographic. I think much more dollars will be spent by doing research on the woman to better their advertisements. For men, social media websites are just as important to gather key consumer insight even though they don’t spend as much time on social media websites. Woman and men do not necessarily log on to the same sites for entertainment, socializing or blogging. As for Facebook and Twitter, those two websites are male and female oriented in my opinion. Twitter and Facebook is my top two social networking sites, and I could probably say the same for some guys I know. As for Tumblr and pinterest, they are more female oriented, which make it easy for marketers to search for information a lot easier. There are so many bad ads out there, I feel as though the future of advertising will definitely improve by searching more psychographic information. Who knows what the future of advertising holds. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr make it easy for marketers to gather key information for effective advertising, therefore there is no excuse for bad ads.

As much as I am saying psychographic is more important then demographic, age and gender definetely still plays a huge role in advertising and collecting information. I just think companies are going to start doing buisness differently by researching peoples habits, hobbies and behaviour much more than age and gender and by that we will be seeing much more advertisements for products and services that we are interested in.

So, marketers start creeping!

Heres a link of Johanna Blakley speaking out on social media.


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