Advertisers Breaking Into Our World


Advertisers are breaking into our world adding many innovative ways to keep us engaged into their brand. As a blackberry user, I use quite a few apps a day, not including Facebook, Twitter etc. Apps have become such a big part of my life because of its convenience. Advertisers are really understanding the consumers and acknowledging that cell phones are a huge part of people’s life. Some of the apps I use is “Rogers My Account”. This app allows me to track my data usage. I am able to see how many daytime minutes I have left for the month, megabytes for Internet usage and allow me to see my monthly bill total. I really like this app because as a student I don’t have much disposable income; therefore I know when I am at my limit for the month. Another app I enjoy is “Gas Buddy”. You can track all the nearest gas stations and view which one has the better price.

 One app I would really like to see develop is the Blackboard app for Algonquin College. As a student that attends this college, I feel as though they could really build on this app and help students. Without Wi-Fi it’s nearly impossible to log on which is already frustrating. I think Algonquin College could have a class locator. The college is growing and classes are not always the easiest to find. I feel as though new students could really benefit from this. Another idea Algonquin College could build on their app is cafeteria specials, and fitness class schedules.

 When it comes to missed opportunities, restaurant is the first thing that comes to mind. I would love to view your favorite restaurants menu and be able to order take-out. I am a really big fan of sushi. I always go to the same sushi restaurant near my home and absolutely none of the workers are able to speak English. It makes it difficult to order and to understand. I would really like to see more restaurant apps.  

 A lot of brands are starting to make really engaging apps that are more geared towards iPhone. As a blackberry user, it is becoming quite frustrating. My best friend has an iPhone and she has so many more engaging apps compared to blackberry. I think that’s another part of a missed opportunity a lot brands aren’t acknowledging because there is an extremely high percentage of blackberry users and we are missing out on these apps.

 There are a few local brands that have created apps to better reach their audience. The one that comes to mind is the radio station Hot 89.9. The app allows people to view the contests, events and live listening. As a huge fan of Hot 89.9 I really like this app and I feel like they did a great job on engaging their audience and providing listeners with the Hot 89.9 experience. A few other local brands using brand utilities is also Place d’Orleans shopping center.

 I really feel as though apps are the best brand utility used at the moment. 19 million people now spend an average of 22 minutes every day accessing social networks, playing social games on iPhone, Blackberry, iPad. That’s a lot! So many people have phones where you are able to download apps. We are just starting to see brands using brand utilities like apps to deepen their brand image and experience. Apps are such a good way to reach their audience and we will definitely be seeing more and more apps in the future.

I found this article searching the internet to learn more about app usage and I came across this. Super interesting.


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