No Monkey-ing Around with Marketers. Guerilla Marketing


Guerilla Marketing grabs the consumer’s attention unexpectedly and makes a lasting impression. This type of marketing is really desired among consumers and marketers. Marketers are trying to find new and innovative ways to creatively execute their ads. When creating guerilla advertisements, the possibilities are endless. Marketers can use traditional techniques in unexpected ways. We are so used to seeing old, boring ads, Guerilla Marketing has become a really fun and innovative way to grab the consumers attention. By being cleaver and unpredictable, you can test consumers who enjoy fun in the products they purchase.

Get in our head.

Guerilla Marketing has numerous advantages. Less money spent is guerilla marketing vs. traditional advertising such as television campaign etc. Many times guerilla marketing is a one-time event, it can be spread by word of mouth, videos or image sharing. Another advantage of Guerilla marketing is that the message is always very easy to understand; therefore it is much easier for the consumer to recognize the brand and the message.  Below are some great Guerilla Advertising examples I found. These four ads were my top four when doing some research on good Guerilla Advertising.

I am not a fan of coffee! I found this funny and clever. I would definetely want to put my trash in that bin.

Beau Rivage Resort Ad in Baggage Pickup at the Airport. I absolutely love this ad. I think it was perfectly executed and I find it very fun and creative! I almost thought there was someone swimming in there.


There are some disadvantages of Guerilla Marketing. Some ideas can be great however; using the same idea every single time does not give the consumer a positive lasting impression. It becomes old.  Guerilla Marketing can also be poorly executed if the message is too shocking for the consumer. Below is an example I found for Amnesty International. It was advertised in public lockers. The message is showing consumers to put an end in injustice. I thought it was creative for this type of message; however I find it shocking and quite sad. I also had no idea what it was for until reading the description of this ad. Some people may disagree.

I would really like to see more of this type of marketing in Ottawa. As a very conservative city, we do not have much buzz to talk about. I feel as though this type of marketing will create excitment in this boring city. I have personally never seen Guerilla Marketing in Ottawa. I would of really like to see this type of marketing used for the NHL All-Star games. There were so many tourists visiting our city, it would of been nice to see some exciting things to promote this event. When i was researching some Guerilla Marketing in Ottawa, I did not find much. Most of the ones I found were pretty dull and boring. Here is an example of Ottawa Tourism on the OC Transpo.

An OC Transpo Orion VI bus with a full-body ad for an Ottawa Tourism website.

It’s really difficult to predict how Guerilla Marketing will evolve. This type of marketing is really effective in my opinion. I would really enjoy seing more of it as it has become a source of entertainment. I hope Guerilla Marketing will not only evolve with creativity and the technology advancement, but I would like it to grow throughout more cities like Ottawa. Small cities would definetely appreciate this!


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