The Life Of A Graduated Advertising Student


Hi Theresa!

What a surprise to run into you at the grocery store!

 I can’t believe it’s already been five years that I’ve graduated from the Advertising program. I actually just graduated from Ottawa University in Communications. I felt as though I was so young and not ready to start a career at the age of 20, so I decided to continue my education in University.

At the moment I am actually unemployed because I have won the big lottery. I won 75 million dollars, so I decided to take a break from all the hard work I had put in school and I am travelling with my boyfriend and family. I really wanted to explore the world while I can. I love seeing all the different cultures in the different countries. My travelling has also allowed me to see firsthand the different types of advertising and trends there are in different countries.

I actually just bought a mini condo in Bora Bora. That place is beautiful. Here is a picture of my place.

 I am trying to be smart with the money I’ve won but clearly I have gone a little bit crazy. My boyfriend and I are planning on getting married soon and I hope to be happily married with children. I just made an appointment at Kleinfeld actually in New York City to pick out a dress.

I just realized you’ve been listening to me bragging about how good my life is for the past 10 minutes. Let me pay for you groceries. It was a pleasure to running into you. I hope everything is going well. Take care!


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